mauricioSanchez | BMW 7 series AR app

BMW 7 series AR app

Augmented reality mobile application showcasing 7 different technologies of the BMW G12

Role: Research and Development, UX Design, Mobile Development

The BMW 7 Series is an Augmented Reality mobile application that showcases 7 chosen technologies inside the G12, the most high-end engineered car within the BMW portfolio. The application is an extension of the owner’s manual, allowing users to learn about all the different features of the car with video content and augmented reality. It also gives BMW dealerships an opportunity to allow prospects to explore the technology inside a still car.

This one-of-a-kind mobile application uses physical elements inside the car as markers. For example, the BMW roundel on the steering wheel is where users learn about driving assistant technologies like cruise control, voice control, and steering lane guidance. The hazard lights button provides another entry point to explore all gesture control commands. Markers are specifically located inside and outside the car next to the feature they’re highlighting in order to present each technology within its true context.

The 7 Series AR app presented an opportunity to push the boundaries of augmented reality. I had the opportunity to conduct the research and prototype with the vehicle itself. This allowed us to build the technical foundation, understand the limitations of the technology and guide the UX into laying down the foundation of each AR interaction. The application is currently in beta testing and should be released by the end of Q2 in 2017.

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