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Code Math

Research initiative to explore the use of math as a vehicle to teach programming

Role: Research, Software Development, User Experience

Code Math is an exploration that uses code as a vehicle to teach math. It seeks to challenge the current classroom approach to math through a sample set of Trigonometry, Cartesian Plane and Geometry examples in which students are shown immediate feedback about math concepts through the dynamic relationship of basic code principles.

Initially, selecting the right topic was challenging. I selected topics that could better serve the purpose of the project. While prototyping and user testing with students and educators in the math field, I learned that there are also math structures that could explain programming syntax. For example, math functions have a very similar structure to programming functions(). Sigma Summation also explains loops. By looking at the overlapping structures, I was able to come up with a framework that illustrated possible applications in the classroom setting. Although the project only scratches the surface, it shows the potential that both fields have to deliver more fun and engaging content; content that provides immediate feedback of math and empowers people to understand current coding practices.

As a designer I have always being passionate about code and programming. When I was in high school, Math was a far-fetched topic with little application in my daily live. It wasn’t until I started programming in 2012 that I realized the direct connection between math and code. As a part of my thesis project at Parsons, I leveraged that connection to learn math in a more approachable and meaningful way.

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