mauricioSanchez | GIF Tree

GIF Tree

Interactive projection mapping GIF installation

Role: Researcher, Software Development

An interactive installation that displays GIFs on a 28-facade low poly tree sculpture using projection mapping. The main application leverages five ornamental capacitive sensors on the front of the tree that serve as a way to cycle through GIFs when triggered. When people wave their hands in front of the sensors, it triggers one of the facades to display a GIF animation. In its inactive state, the tree continues to display GIFs at random.

This project was our opportunity to implement the research we conducted on capacitive sensing and projection mapping at a product level. I was in charge of programming the main application. One of the largest challenges was to have GIFs load as they were being projected. We had to use a separate thread specified to take care of loading and passing the images to the main application exclusively. This ensured that the frame rate and performance were constant.