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Homegoods Retail Tech

In-store kiosk experience that provides inspirational content to shoppers in specific departments.

Role: Product Development, Software Development, Application Architecture, Hardware Installation

Homegoods[HG] retail tech is a physical kiosk that provides in-store inspirational content for users in order to unlock their mental folder while shopping. By leveraging influencers, content managers, and bloggers on Pinterest content, we are able to take HG web content into the physical store.

Every year, HG has one initiative improve the in-store shopping experience. The challenge: each product in HG is unique; the concept of product inventory doesn’t exist, making the HG shopping experience unique and cost-effective. Currently, HG has a big online presence where users are highly-engaged with blogger and influencer content. By leveraging this curated, inspirational content in designated departments in store, users can navigate the kiosk and look for decorating tips, how to match colors, ideas for their wall, etc.

We decided to approach the project in a two-phase discovery where different hardware options were tested. To avoid building a CMS for a prototype, we created Pinterest Boards for each HG department while a frontend call periodically updates content on our frontend templates for the web application, making the job for content managers easier. Furthermore, we also leverage virtual reality as means of hardware prototyping, allowing us to quickly present design in a 1:1 scale and make edits on the fly.

VR Prototyping:

Interface Testing:

VStore Installation:

Landing - Departments Departments - Pins Install