mauricioSanchez | Beautyrest Mattress Selector

Beautyrest Mattress Selector

Data-driven web experience that helps users in selecting the right mattress for them

Role: User Experience, Research & Prototyping

The Mattress Selector is a data-driven experience that breaks down mattress models based on the technologies incorporated within their design. Informed by inquiries regarding user sleep patterns, the Product Selector guides users through the process of choosing a mattress that addresses their needs through a better understanding of mattress technologies. If a user sleeps in a preferred position, they may require less pressure relief than others and therefore they are recommended a mattress that addresses another concern over pressure, such as temperature.

As the Product Architect, I worked closely with the Beautyrest Product team to understand mattress technology. We developed a taxonomy based on attributes, like Temperature Management, Pressure Relief, Support, Motion Isolation, etc. Each of these attributes are comprised of varying forms of technologies that help address different user needs. I also built prototypes to better illustrate the experience of how, by answering questions, the user’s needs could start dictating what mattress they require.

The Beautyrest Mattress Selector proved to be a more whimsical way to learn about mattress technologies and what to really consider when shopping for a mattress. It was an Honoree in the 2016 Webby Awards for Best User Interface