mauricioSanchez | Babalu: Perfume Genie

Babalu: Perfume Genie

Gesture-based projection experience to choose fragrances

Role: Concept, Software Development, User Experience

The Perfume Genie is a gesture-based projection experience that educates people about fragrances while suggesting perfumes based on their preference. It takes users through a process of selecting a fragrance, from an inventory of more than 500 perfumes, based on the family of notes and fragrances used to make them. As Babalu’s selection of perfumes evolves, The Perfume Genie experience instantly adjusts to reflect updates to Babalu’s e-commerce platform database. The Perfume Genie features all of Babalu’s fragrances as the central installation within the Departure Lounge at Babalu.

As a part of the experiential technology team, I was involved in designing the experience from conception to installation. We chose to focus on the retail experience associated with perfumes because of Babalu’s expansive selection; however given the limited space of the installation, we had to place the Kinect sensor adjacent to the wall. I wrote a custom Kinect library within openFrameworks to allow us the mapping of values from the placement of the Kinect to the projection within the space.