mauricioSanchez | Portal


Interactive video feed installation that allows communication between different spaces

Role: Creative, App Development & Research

Portal is a two-way video communication system that lets us instantly connect face-to-face with our coworkers in other parts of the building. Built-in sensors recognize a user as soon as they approach and cause the Portal on the other end of the line to light up, signaling a call. It’s live video streaming that’s always on and there when we need it.

After exploring and prototyping with different live video feed extensions, frameworks and protocols(FFFMpeg, Raspivid, RTP, RTSP, HTTP, among others) , we landed on using MJPEG through HTTP. The video quality is decent while offering zero to very low latency. By using Dynamic DNS, we were able to expose the Portals to the world, allowing anyone to connect to from the internet.