mauricioSanchez | Tire Gauge

Tire Gauge

Customized sensor to measure tire wear and usage in a very precise fashion

Role: Engineering, Hardware Design, Research and Developement

The Tire Gauge is a customized sensor that can measure the depth of any tire tread up to 0.08 millimeters. It utilizes an array of 48 minute pins(linear potentiometers) to measure the height of tire patterns from the outside surface of a tire. Based on a spring loaded mechanism, a linear potentiometer registers the distance between two layers of tread as tires push against the array of pins. Paired with a simple ticketing system, it passively provided Caçula de Pneus(Brazilian Tire Company) with a comprehensive data set about tire use and wear.

As a part of the design and development team, I engineered and designed the mechanism and enclosure for the sensor and software system that reads all the data. While conducting all the material and component research along with the hardware build-out of the linear potentiometer. After we designed the mechanism, I was able to engineer two prototypes that allowed me to stress test for durability and accuracy of the sensor before developing the final version and system enclosure.

The Tire Gauge was able to provide Caçula de Pneus a great competitive advantage within the tire market and was awarded the Gold Award in Innovation at the “Festival Iberoamericano de la Comunicación Publicitaria 2015 El Sol” held in Spain.