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Windstream – Qualform & SSO

Serviceability qualification form and single sign-on implementation

Role: Software Development

Windstream (telecom provider) has a qual form as an entry point for prospects to provide their address to check serviceability, as well as a CTA for existing customers to sign in. Although these two elements within were existing, during both Q3 and Q4 of 2016 we worked on an effort to make both entry points a better user experience.

Qual form – For the new qual form we not only improved the design but decided to split the modal between prospect customer and new customers – offering another CTA for existing users in order to sign in. It is important for customers to log in correctly as the products that are available differ depending on if they are prospective or existing customers. This was a hierarchy that wasn’t present in the previous qual form and would serve as the foundation to implement SSO.

Old Qual Form:

Old Qual Form

New Tabbed Qual Form:

Tabbed Qual Form Tabbed Qual Form 2

SSO – Before single sign-on (SSO) was implemented, location (state and city) was the only information displayed to the user when successfully logged in through the Qual form.


Landing Without SSO

In order to make single sign-on feel more customized, we worked with the Windstream IT team to make sure we got the right data in the sign in process. This allowed us to change taxonomy in the top navigation of the website while making it simpler. Furthermore, we added user names to the top navigation to make it feel more personal.

I was in charge of developing all the frontend for both features and connecting the data coming from the backend services.


Landing SSO 1 Landing SSO 1 Landing SSO 2