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Windstream – Shopping Cart

Shopping cart flow backend improvement through automation

Role: Software Development, Platform Architecture, DevOps

We improved the Windstream [WS] shopping cart flow by implementing APIs and services within the WS environment that allowed an easier way to generate orders, create dispatch orders for technicians, and implement service start/installation dates in their system.

Currently, the shopping cart flow consists of sending orders to a system called Task Manager within WS while a completely fake order confirmation number is sent to the customer for “peace of mind.” The team that handles Task Manager has to take the purchase order and manually enter it into another system called DCRIS, which is the system technicians use to dispatch orders and provide installation. This process takes a minimum of 24 hours after an order has been submitted.

Fake Order Number:

Fake Order Number

Task Manager:

Task Manager

We implemented a new service within WS called National Agent [NA] – developed by WS IT team and initially open to third party vendors. NA allows us to connect directly into DCRIS, automating all previous tasks such as credit check and real order generation. Finally, a new feature that provides users with real time installation dates on their orders was implemented.

National Agent API:

National Agent

We developed a discovery phase and worked directly with the WS IT team in order to test endpoints, making sure our current flow will work with their system. In addition, given how critically the new API implementation could impact our shopping cart flow, we made sure to conduct different rounds of QA for all our use cases. I also developed all the backend code and modules that were implemented in our business logic.

Due Date:

Due Date Due Date Widget

Real Confirmation Order # & Installation Date:

Due Date Widget